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Tiffany Porter-Kennedy

    From the moment 22-year-old Tiffany Porter takes the stage, the energy level of the room rises.  As she plays her air guitar and flings her hair with a twirl, or grabs her ukulele, one quickly notes there will be fun in her performance and in the room.  Bubbly and cute, her enthusiasm is contagious, endearing her to her fans.  Tiffany’s original songs are relevant to girls her age, and even more so when she talks about why and how she was feeling when she wrote them.  Concert goers cannot help but be reminded of a very famous young country artist and prolific songwriter her age with those same traits, who writes of lost love.  However, Tiffany’s lyrics contain a different message … one of hope and the One who brings it.


    As an only child, Tiffany says she learned to entertain herself by using her imagination and learning new things, which fostered her creativity.  By age 7, she already had a journal for writing song lyrics as they came to her, most times during prayer.  “I will frequently interrupt my prayer to write something down, by saying ‘Hold on just a minute, God!’  It seems like He gives me a lot of good lines during prayer,” says Tiffany.  During her time of entertaining herself as a child, she also learned to play guitar, ukulele, some keyboard, and sing.  “My dad says I’ve been singing since I could talk.”  Tiffany won her first talent contest at age 4 at the Carter County Fair in Kentucky and at that same fair again at age 14.  She also represented her county at the Kentucky State Fair recently, performing several songs off her new Red Hen project.  Tiffany also learned a great deal about technology in her alone times and programs video, graphics, and lyrics to display behind her as she sings, adding a great deal visually to every concert.


    “I grew up in a family full of singers.  Though I didn’t show it, I had a lot of insecurities in trying to find my own voice.  I couldn’t see how I could be good enough.  I started to think about the girls I see that are so pretty, but probably look in the mirror and don’t see it themselves.  Media puts so much pressure on young girls, I wanted to reach out to them and let them know they are ‘Always Beautiful’ to God.  They just have to ‘Have a Little Faith,’” Tiffany shared from her song titles on this subject.  She has been taking this message to youth conferences, retreats and camps for young girls, to encourage them to see themselves as God sees them. 


    While watching the movie “Grace Unplugged,” Tiffany says she was inspired. She immediately went to her room to imagine everything God had for her in the future, and penned the song, “Where I Need to Be.”  Later, she went to Winter Jam, where she heard another girl her age ask how to become a professional artist.  The girl was told, “Grow where you are planted and make some roots, so that God will see you grow.  Then, He will move you when you are strong enough to survive the move.” Recently on stage at the Hard Rock Café Nashville with her Red Hen label mates, while under spotlights presenting her message to others, Tiffany says she realized that some of her dreams are being fulfilled as she grows stronger where she is.


Name: Tiffany Nicole Porter-Kennedy


Birthday: March 11, 1997


home church: hickory grove church

favorite artists/bands: lecrae, jamie grace, taylor swift, skillet, francessca battisttelli, building 429, old dominion, Mandisa

favorite Bible verse: psalm 147:3 "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds."

A word from tiffany: Hey guys! thank you so much for checking out my page! If you've noticed, my name has recently changed to kennedy because I married my prince charming, justin, in april 2019. i will continue singing until i can't sing no more because it is what god has called me to do! i'd appreciate your prayers and support for my ministry! :) 






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